Dušan Sekulić - Design of Ljubljana Transport Hub with an Airport for Light Aircraft and Drones, Master thesis,Year: 2019
Univesity of Ljubljana, Faculty of Architecture, EMŠ Arhitektura, Mentor: doc. Primož Jeza u.d.i.a.

Master Thesis Abstract

Due to technological advancement in the field of electrical energy in previous years, whole traffic industry is on the verge of having an interesting makeover. In the aviation sector small entrepreneurs and big corporations are focusing into development of a new aircraft type as we call it now - drones. Drones had an industry breakthrough in the form of toys, video production equipment and lately also delivery service. With ever improving ratio between power capacity and weight of lithium ion batteries, the concept of passenger drones finally becomes technically feasible. Because f the term drones, meaning an array of different things, I will be using an aviatic term of VTOL aircraft meaning all aircrafts which use the principle of Vertical Takeoff and Landing. VTOL is a new technological principle in aviation offering new concepts of flight in passenger aviation and therefore new types of airports, which are the theme of this master thesis. In Slovenia there is a tendency for a while now of reconstructing railway infrastructure and in the meanwhile in Ljubljana there is an everlasting dilemma of constructing an underground railway system and reinventing main railway station. Consequently Ljubljana’s bus station is waiting in this status quo. In this master thesis I analyse degraded status of Ljubljana’s traffic infrastructure and the idea of urban airport and combine them into one hybrid object - Ljubljana Transportation Hub.

Ljubljana Transportation Hub intertwines railway system, bus transport and urban airport. In the thesis I focus on technical correctness of the airport which combines STOL (Short Takeoff and Landing) airplanes and VTOL aircrafts. Due to infrastructural complexity of the hub, the whole surrounding area is in need of reinvention with new programme and optimisation of traffic.

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