Canyon View Accommodation (CaVa) Arizona
Arquideas International Architecture & Design Students Competition

How to build on a such sacred place as Grand Canyon? Minimising objects contact area with the site to a single point and designing a structure maximising the accommodation area while not impacting natural habitat in any way and is easy detachable and taken to any other location. Pre-made exoskeleton could be brought on every constructionally safe and sharply formed cliff in the Grand Canyon. Object is self balancing from a single point in the centre of gravitation, the only contact with the site. Differences in the weight distribution throughout the interior of the object is additionally strengthen with cables from the vertical side of the cliff.   Access is possible from the heliport or the cliff itself. Program is distributed on upper and lower decks. Upper decks are connected with vertical communications going from heliport on the roof to golf course beneath following reception and kitchen. Upper and lower decks are connected with long scenic escalators bringing you right in the central area of the main deck from which you can proceed towards the rooms on left and right wings, pool terrace, panoramic rooftop or on the lower service deck with gyms and spas. Exoskeleton is embedded with all of the needed service installations offering water circulation, electricity and air conditioning.

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